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Why do I need to stage my property? The way you sell your home is very different to the the way live in your home.

By employing professional property stylists we can determine what is needed to present your property at its best and how to capture the potential buyers interest.

We come in with a buyers eye and are just as important as finding the right real estate agent to market and sell your property


When does the staging installation take place? Ideally the day before the marketing photographs are to be taken.

We like to be the last “Tradie” on-site and like to go in after ALL building work, renovations, painting, planting, water blasting, and cleaning has been completed.


We then have clean slate and can go in with no interruptions and work our magic.


Do you hire or own your furniture & styling items? We own our furniture, linen, art, floor rugs, accessories and ALL of our stock.


We update regularly to keep things up to date and looking it’s best.


What happens when the property sells? As soon as an unconditional contract is accepted give us a call and we can schedule in a pack up date.


This will ensure the property is empty ready for the news owners to take over.


Can I leave some of my furniture or beds in the house for you to use? We are happy to utilise some of your items if we feel they are the right “fit”.


What makes your company stand out from the rest? 

As Home Staging and Property Styling has become extremely popular and a must in today’s housing market we have been instrumental in many successful property sales over the past 5 years. Our team are friendly, helpful, adaptable and very talented!

We work tirelessly to present your property at its best and make it stand out from the rest. Passion for professional property presentation is what drives us, and making your dreams come true is what motivates us!


When should I make contact? As soon as you know you are going to put your property on the market.


How much will it cost? We price each property individually.


It all depends on the size of the home, accessibility, how many living spaces, bedrooms etc, and what is needed to present the home at its best.


How long will my property be staged for? We have an initial five week staging contract.

If for some reason the property takes a little longer to sell we can offer a week by week extension.


Can I live in the property? As all of our furniture and furnishing items are show pieces and in new condition we prefer to stage empty, unoccupied homes.


This keeps all of our inventory in top quality condition.


Do I get to choose style of furniture or a theme? We work very closing with the aesthetic and price point of the home, and style to attract the target market.


We know the market and what works best, so leave it all to us.


Will it make my house sell? Yes! Many people can’t visualise living in an empty home so by employing a property stylist your home will stand out from the competition.


Statistics show that styling a property will achieve a higher price and make it sell up to 3 x faster!

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